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Obama Inauguration Commemorative Circular Coin Collection

Precision handcrafted by our college educated team of miniature artists, these coins are definitely going to be a source of pride in sharing this momentous event with everyone.

Obama Deluxe Commemorative Dollar worth One Dollar This deluxe ultra limited edition one dolar "gold" coin features superb craftsmanship and an almost unbelievable likeness of Barack Obama.

This delicate rendering features a Chicago Hotdog, much like those Obama is likely to have enjoyed at some point in his life.

Obama Coin with Utah State Bird!! RARE! This extremely rare item features the words "OBAMA" and is a valuable addition to your collection because it not only was made on the morning of January 20th, 2009, the very day Obama takes office, but it also features the Utah state bird. Utah, as you know, is a state.

Obama's Blackberry Commemoration With detail so mindblowing we keep expecting it to beep to let us know we have new messages, this stunning rendition of the 44th President's blackberry has only one message for America: That we are all part of this momentous historic occassion. To drive home this all important message, it features a brilliantly illuminated "ON" indicator. The president's blackberry is always on, and it has a message.
As an added bonus, this is painted on a Canadian Quarter, highlighting this first Internet-y President's foreign appeal and international roots. The back features an animal with antlers.


Meaningful series of one deluxe and three OK coin designs commemorating Barack Obama's historic rail voyage from Philadelphia to Washington, DC on January 17th 2009. Thousands watched as he waved from a train, and the love all around is resplendent in the hearts around Lincoln's head in the delux coin. Lincoln, of course, is a very important figure to Obama, and it only follows that since he is represented on a unit ofcurrency we would feature it in out collection of history items.

Own pieces of history! When the 44th president of the United States of America takes office, he will likely use coins almost identical to these in his daily life. This is your opportunity to own a piece of history by participating in this purchasing of coins.


Obama COins. MAny More Limited Deluxe editions coming soon!@
We have many new designs and series launching on the day of the Presidential Inauguration. We will be issuing special commemorative limited edition series featuring actual Change in circulation in the United States of America on the day the 44th President takes the oath of office on the Lincoln bible. There is a high degree of probability that similar coins will be in the pockets of the millions attending the Inauguration Ceremony in Washington. This is your opportunity to feel a kinship with the American people!

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